Tuesday, 17 March 2009

One Experience

With a heavy heart and personal experince of what i have seen in 2 years of my personal life.

I feel need to raise voice and remove the so callled " we Indian are one" and "mumbai rises to tragic incidents" or " Ganpati celebrated by muslims" etc useless headlines in news papers and in local trains.In local trains one can see many passengers irrespective of there caste and language laughing and sharing foods and thoughts, seems they are above the narrowmindeness of caste and other bullshit things but wen their daughter or sons fall in love with a person from some other caste they seems to behave in educated-illiterated fashion. They will sing,talk enjoy and even share foods and festivals with differnt caste people.even help in crisis but wen it comes to marriage there so called fake slogan that " we are one" comes in light.

"These parents think what of them.just cos they have given birth to a child that does not mean they have rights to follow there own set of thinking.if this is wat parents think ten there is no differnce between a "butcher who raises a ship and ones grown kills it for money"

Those parents who treat there children as if they are there property should knw this tat there children curse one day spoil there entire life.willl continue in next post.people with similar view kindly post and raise ur voice.and parents pls pls read this and do some thinking